Gothic & Lolita by Masayuki Yoshinaga
by sabine7 / February 15, 2009

Gothic & Lolita is a look book of 270 colour photos by Masayuki Yoshinaga, a leading Tokyo fashion photographer with a keen interest in the various subcultures that thrive there. Tokyo Gothic street fashion, adopted by scores of teenagers, also incorporates the frills and flounces of late Victorian dress and the outfits in this book are incredible costumes that would be less surprising on dolls. The teens are happy to model their creations and provide insight into the lifestyle via a Q & A format of text. The Goths and Lolitas certainly make up one of the more surreal youth subcultures and this book allows to viewer to stare to his or her heart's content.

Paperback, 272 pages. Phaidon Press, 2007. $19.77 at Amazon.

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