"Royal Melbourne Facade" by Michael Pfleghaar
by sabine7 / February 9, 2009

Some of Michael Pfleghaar's modernist works will be featured in an upcoming exhibition of paintings of modernist homes set against the desert landscape. These mid-century homes are by the likes of Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood, Philip Johnson, Pierre Koening, E. Stewart Williams and Albert Frey and stand out in contrast to their surroundings. "Furniture and objects personify human elements in my compositions-they can move and appear to interact the way a human can," said Pfleghaar. "I want to expand the viewer's experience of modernism-inside and out by focusing attention on these man-made architectural masterpieces and how they interact with their environment."

Artist: Michael Pfleghaar
+ dezart.imagine99.com
+ pfleghaar.com

Work by Michael Pfleghaar will be part of the Forever Modern group show at the Dezart One Gallery in Palm Springs, February 13-21, 2009.

Royal Singapore Facade

Capilano Facade


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