"Forbidden Love" by Leslee Fraser
by sabine7 / February 2, 2009

No Sure Footing is a new exhibition of sculptural installations by Leslee Fraser, an artist who employs found objects in unusual scenarios. Fraser takes the cute and kitsch out of their safe contexts and empowers them by giving them new roles. Or at least, shakes things up a little. At first glance, the installations seem merely amusing, but when questioning the tableaux, the viewer must deconstruct these parables to get closer to the meaning. Fraser is as adept in altering perspectives on the Bible as she is our mall lifestyle.

Artist: Leslee Fraser
+ womenandtheirwork.org

No Sure Footing runs from January 15 through February 21, 2009 at Women & Their Work in Austin, Texas.

C%*T Diptych

Precious Little


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