"Civil Disobedience" by Paul Critchley
by sabine7 / January 30, 2009

Paul Critchley was one of the first artists to appear on Art MoCo, so it was a pleasure to go re-visit his website once more when we heard that Hand Delivered will be part of a group exhibition of small works opening tomorrow in New York. But what was meant to be a quick look turned into a delightful ramble through Critchley's texts, not to mention an exploration through his more recent work. It's like opening a chest of magic tricks somehow. But it is not magic at all, but rather the work of an artist who believes in a variety of perspectives.

Artist: Paul Critchley
+ paulcritchley.com

Hand Delivered will be part of the 80 Washington Square East Galleries (NYU) competition and exhibition in New York from January 31 through March 13, 2009.

Hand Delivered

Fish for Supper


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