"Laughter Inspired" by Leah Tinari
by sabine7 / January 22, 2009

Leah Tinari's upcoming exhibition, Sneak a Peek, is a mix of colourful paintings of party candids and black and white acrylics of photo booth images. Tinari's paintings are based on personal photos of parties, vacations and nights out and are meant to be tantalizing visual invitations to join in the revelry. The viewer participates vicariously and can hear the laughter and the whooping it up that is going on. Within the compositions, long hair becomes a pattern, the various skin tones make for blocks of colour and the results are part caricature, part social documentary.

Artist: Leah Tinari
+ mixedgreens.com

Sneak a Peek opens at the Mixed Greens Gallery in New York on February 12 and runs through March 14.


Concealed Identity, True Colors Suppressed


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