"Whispering Waters" by Danielle Kwaaitaal
by sabine7 / January 19, 2009

Whispering Waters is a new series of underwater photos by Danielle Kwaaitaal that highlights the female form. Working with special underwater dresses designed by Mada van Gaans, Kwaaitaal used runway models and synchronized swimmers to perform in a choreography created to reflect the female search for identity. The woman finds herself isolated in a dark, lonely place when this quest through the "tyranny of fashion" makes it clear that a sense of self is more often destroyed rather than built up. On a strictly aesthetic level, though, the beautiful movement, light and form in the photos create visual poetry.

Artist: Danielle Kwaaitaal
+ daniellekwaaitaal.nl

The Groninger Museum in the Netherlands will present Whispering Waters by Daniƫlle Kwaaitaal from March 14 to May 31 2009.



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