"Cherry Bomb" by Lorraine Peltz
by sabine7 / November 25, 2008

I have come to identify chandeliers so closely with the work of Chicago-based Lorraine Peltz that when I recently saw a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging before a deep blue velvet curtain at a lounge, I instantly thought of Peltz's oeuvre. Lo and behold, she is conjured up. The chandeliers, spirals and flowers bursts of her newest oil paintings seem consistent, or in keeping with the symbols of femininity she uses so well, but also push me to peruse her gallery once again where it is easier to follow the artist on a journey. The spirals wind their way off one canvas and onto another, and the light of the chandelier is not extinguished.

Artist: Lorraine Peltz
+ lorrainepeltz.com

Blue and Black

Pink Crush

Red and Black


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