"Untitled, Lamp Series" by Jill Simonsen
by sabine7 / November 10, 2008

Jill Simonsen's recent series of landscape paintings are done in a graphic style, softening the harshness of the lampposts and electrical wires that are framed against the twilight sky. The silhouette of birds in flight and the bare tree branches express a vulnerability that ties the representation of nature to the human presence. The wires cross, as do the branches, and the viewer is reminded of how connected everything really is. We are reminded to look up and then all around us.

Artist: Jill Simonsen
+ cerasoli-lebasse.com

New work by Jill Simonsen is currently on exhibition at the Cerasoli-LeBasse Gallery in Culver City. Now through December 5.

Untitled, Power Line Series

Untitled 2, Lamp Series


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