What It Is by Lynda Barry
by sabine7 / November 9, 2008

What It Is by cartoonist Lynda Barry is not only a collage-type journal that reflects some of the material she uses in the creative writing workshops she holds, but also chock full of classic Lynda Barry style. The book is designed to get those creative juices flowing and unleash memory and the imagination. There are gems scattered throughout the book, such as "The thing I call 'my mind' seems to be kind of like a landlord that doesn't really know its tenants." Or how about "Does your imagination know what year it is?" The theme of this inspirational book is "the ordinary is extraordinary," certainly something that has been at the core of Barry's comics over the years. This book will make you want to reach for a big, blank book and fill it.

Hardcover, 209 pages. Drawn and Quarterly, 2008. $16.47 at Amazon.

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