"Hopeful" by Nate Frizzell
by sabine7 / November 5, 2008

Put on a Happy Face is the name of Nate Frizzell's upcoming exhibition at the Cerasoli-LeBasse Gallery in Culver City. The work in this show is a mix of highly rendered composition with graphic elements that reveals emotion by way of children. Most of them are hidden behind objects that tell the story, and although they are hiding, they are being honest at the same time. A broken window that reveals simple beauty, a fishbowl that shows everything and nothing, roses that are difficult to see past are among the barriers between the feelings and the world. The paintings in this series are soft with a touch of lively. Do explore the website for more.

Artist: Nate Frizzell
+ cerasoli-lebasse.com

Put on a Happy Face opens at the Cerasoli-LeBasse Gallery in Culver City on Nov.8 and runs through Nov. 29.




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