The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch
by sabine7 / October 5, 2008

The Woollyhoodwinks vs. the Dark Patch by Asa Sanchez, Phil Dumesnil, Jeff Root and Scott Runcorn is a delightful tale of plush creatures who must use their wits and talents to battle a mysterious dark patch that arrives one day to swallow them up, one by one. The 'Winks, made from men's jackets at Goodwill, are named Ozard, Ludic, Reddy, Junco and Fluke, and are set against a backdrop of stitched scenery. Each one bears a different crafted personality, and although they are darn cute, the language is perhaps more sophisticated than that generally used for the 4-8 crowd that is the targeted audience. Our favorite line: "So the space between yesterday and tomorrow is now."

Hardcover, 36 pages. Immedium, 2008. $12.44 at Amazon.

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