Wall and Piece
by sabine7 / August 24, 2008
Wall and Piece by mysterious yet prolific street artist Banksy is a terrific sampler of this artist's treasures. Although Banksy’s work appears all over the world, not enough fans have had a chance to see any of it. This compendium of classic Banksy style contains examples of his stencils, paintings and screenprints, along with some of his writing, opinions and pranks. Any fan will find this a handy guide to the artist’s work and wit, and anyone unfamiliar with public art of a subversive nature will find that the work shown (and the commentary) extremely thought-provoking. This is the type of book that very tidily makes us question our own views on art and society.

Paperback, 192 pages. Random House, 2007. $15.61 at Amazon.

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