"Negev Chaffinch"
by sabine7 / August 18, 2008
We recently discovered the Red Cake Gallery, an on-line gallery that features extremely affordable original artwork by a real cross-section of artists who work in a variety of media. This week we will be featuring five of Red Cake’s artists, starting today with Anna Kipervaser.

Through her travels, Anna Kipervaser has felt a pull towards cultural and socio-political issues, and yet she deftly manages to keep her Bird series accessible by combining classical oil painting techniques with a touch of the Middle East. The headpieces sported by a variety of birds lend an endearing air of intellect. Born in Ukraine and now based in Chicago, Kipervaser uses her own sense of being the outsider as a perspective in her work. Also of interest is the series iamyouandyourareme.

Artist:Anna Kipervaser
+ redcakegallery.com
+ anna.kipervaser.googlepages.com



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