"Red Poodles"
by sabine7 / July 28, 2008
Katy Jennings’ Horn Collection is based upon ceremonial drinking horns that have been updated to include a variety of small dogs. The ceramic horns are smooth and elegant and decorated with seemingly abstract patterns that turn out to be oodles of doodles of poodles. Look closer still and see that the horns are perched upon doggie pedestals, or actually are part dog. The Red Poodles above seem proud to be carrying their horn and might well blow it, but there are a few, after the jump, that seem to be crushed by the responsibility. Our faves are the ones who decided to just go with it and become the horns. The more we look, the more we like.

Artist: Katy Jennings
+ katy-jennings.blogspot.com

3 Small Horns


Big Horn


3 Horns


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