"The Mother Bloom"
by sabine7 / July 25, 2008
Life, Death & the Inbetween is the name of Tiffany Liu’s current show and features miniature paintings no more than two inches in size, as well as full size pieces. Liu’s work is of a whimsical world of headless birds, tree trunks with embedded eyes, and flower girls with roots and tendrils. A passing glance may lead the viewer to assume this body of work falls into the category of children’s illustration, but a closer look will reveal that there is a lot more narrative in the details.

Artist: Tiffany Liu
+ coreyhelfordgallery.com

Life, Death & the Inbetween is on at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City through August 9.

The Lovebirds are Home


Dear Mabel


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