"in the end she would love him beyond confines of skin. for flesh would surely rot, only to leave behind the story of unconditional predilection"
by sabine7 / July 23, 2008
Edwin Ushiro’s new series of work,while tides guide you back home, comes from a longing for childhood and home. Ushiro grew up in Hawaii and often wonders how his life would have played out had he remained there. His work is thus a mix of memories both real and imagined, a sea of mixed media that combines nostalgia and dreams, with a dash of Hawaiian folklore. The artist uses paint, ink, iron-on transfers, fabric and other media to create a variety of textures and effects. We took a look at Ushiro’s work last summer, and it just keeps getting better.

Artist: Edwin Ushiro
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"while tides guide you back home" runs through August 9 at the project : Gallery in Culver City.

"since time only meant that we were growing up and falling apart together"


"recorded without any insecurity"


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