"St. Paul's Cathedral"
by sabine7 / July 22, 2008
Bompas & Parr are jellymongers, creating fine jellies that were traditional staples at good tables. They design bespoke moulds and curate culinary events such as the Architectural Jelly Banquet that was part of the London Festival of Architecture. Jelly, thanks to its consistency and capacity to hold a variety of forms, lends itself very well to architectural sculpture, as demonstrated by the model of the St. Paul Cathedral shown above. Landscapes can also be rendered in jelly, as can a range of more abstract concepts and shapes, all in many different colours, from pastels to brights. The jelly airport, after the jump, serves 250.

Artist: various
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Barajas "Jelly" Airport
Chrysostomos Tsimourdagkas: Jellyland


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