Madonna of the Toast
by sabine7 / July 20, 2008
Madonna of the Toast by Buzz Poole is a light-hearted look at the phenomenon of seeing iconic images in everyday objects, foodstuffs and landscapes. In other words, conjuring up celebrities and religious figures in the unlikeliest of places. People see what they want to see, from potato chips shaped liked movie stars to Michelin Man carrots. Lenin appears on a shower curtain and Elvis turns up on a cash register receipt. Who has time for these sightings? There are so many believers who flock to nun-shaped bun and others of its ilk (the way one makes a pilgrimage to see fine art) that the publicity that goes into documenting these sightings perpetuates more of the same. Is it therefore surprising that we cannot help but read into the mages that appear in the frosting or on our pancakes? A great little pop culture book.

Paperback, 95 pages. Mark Batty Publisher 2007. $12.11 at Amazon.

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