"Bugs Bunny"
by sabine7 / July 18, 2008
Tod Seelie documents his wanderlust in photographs that portray slices of life that don’t always show up in the mainstream. Seelie’s images speak of the energy of youth culture, the quirkiness that exists in every town, the quiet moments, the bruises and the blood. The artist does not veer away from life, death and whole lot of stuff in between, like action, excess and the aftermath. The pictures may not be pretty, but then again, take a look around. Not everything is.

Note: Check out Seelie’s blog for excellent travel tips.

Artist: Tod Seelie
+ cindersgallery.com
+ suckapants.com

Slowdancing To Slayer, Tod Seelie’s first solo show, runs through August 9 at the Cinders Gallery in Brooklyn.

Brazil Bowl


Elevator Light


Lucy Blood


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