by sabine7 / July 15, 2008
Michael Mararian’s Inky Dreadfuls are back in full force, inkier, perhaps, than ever before. Mararian’s upcoming exhibition, Foibles, Phobias and Friends, features more of the macabre childhood scenes most of us keep locked away in our tortured minds and only bring them out as part of nightmares or daydreams of vengeance. Getting caught in machinery certainly could lead to phobia; a penchant for frightening seniors might be classed as a foible; and planning for a furry, four-legged future may well fall into the category of friendship. Deliciously dreadful.

Artist: Michael Mararian
+ inkydreadfuls.com
+ coreyhelfordgallery.com

Foibles, Phobias and Friends opens at Corey Helford in Culver City on July 19 and runs through August 9.



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