Takashi Homma:Tokyo
by sabine7 / June 29, 2008
What is remarkable about Takashi Homma: Tokyo is that there are no Harajuku girls; there is nothing cute or Kawaii in sight. This is not the Tokyo that has been fed to the world in most recently. The picture is much bleaker. Homma comments visually on a Tokyo of suburban architecture, North American fast food, children on their own or engaged with artificial playmates, and thus this superb collection of photographs by one’s Japan’s most well known photographers is like a caption-less photo essay. Beautifully produced by Aperture, this first international monograph includes a useful essay by Ivan Vartanian.

Paperback, 256 pages. Aperture, 2008. $29.70 at Amazon.

+ Takashi Homma:Tokyo at Amazon


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