"The Approach (Donald Duck)"
by sabine7 / June 19, 2008
Karin Hanssen’s latest exhibition features work that strays away from her previous cosy scenes. The Approach (Donald Duck) is an off-putting glimpse of the mascot meeting two boys in a public space that appears to be a little too quiet. In fact, one of the boys looks unsure of the encounter. Dinosaur is a likewise disturbing piece, as the subject is somewhat Godzilla-like. Yet Hanssen’s soft oils make the scenarios work, and the viewer is left wondering if it has all been part of a dream. As threatening, in fact, as a bout of window shopping.

Artist: Karin Hanssen
+ crowngallery.be

Karin Hanssen's current exhibition takes place at the Crown Gallery in Brussels through July 5.

Window Shopping


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