Popping Through Pictures
by sabine7 / June 15, 2008
Popping Through Pictures by Amanda Visell may be a board book (large format at that), but it would be foolish to suggest that this one is strictly for the board book set. It may be thus styled, but the appeal will be for fans of Visell’s paintings, sculptures and vinyl. Visell’s odd animals and monsters lurk on every page, ready to make short work of the unsuspecting children in their midst. But they ever actually make it that far? Visell’ s colourful work tells the beginning of the story and the reader will have to decide how it will all end. The artwork in Visell’s first picture book brings to mind Disney of the 1960s.

Hardcover, 36 pages. Baby Tattoo Books, 2007. $16.50 at Amazon.

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