Harry Benson's America
by sabine7 / June 1, 2008
The cover photo of Donny and Marie eating in someone’s kitchen (the sort of kitchen that could be anyone’s), completely focussed on their food and seemingly oblivious to each other, was what made us reach for Harry Benson’s America. The book is a mix of candid celebrity photos and shots of anonymous people, and the images of both groups work together to make up a collage of Benson’s America, as seen through his lens. Other favorite shots include one of the good women of Nebraska protesting against a porn flick in 1969 (the expressions of their faces are worth several thousand words) and a dinner party with Bianca Jagger and Andy Warhol looking as much like ordinary guests as they could.

Hardback, 224 pages. Harry N. Abrams, 2005. $26.40 at Amazon.

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