"Sticky, Messy, and Sweet"
by sabine7 / June 2, 2008
Sticky, Messy, and Sweet is a group show at the hpgrp gallery in New York features the work of Japanese artists that represents a less polite underbelly of Japanese culture. Curator Hanna Fushihara Aron wants to show that there is more to the culture than the refined and orderly face that is usually presented. Above is a piece of collected found objects covered in artificial slime by Ai Tsuchikawa that very nicely epitomizes the the show: sticky, messy, and sweet. After the jump, Reiko Tada uses craft to get sticky and messy while creating sweet images. Also featured is work by Yui Kugimiya and Gunji Yusuke.

Artists: various
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Sticky, Messy, and Sweet runs through June 21 at the hpgrp gallery in New York.


Reiko Tada

Yui Kugimiya
Gunji Yusuke


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