"Whitechapel Road"
by sabine7 / May 12, 2008
Miranda Donovan’s art is a mix of urban street art, painting and sculpture. Her current exhibition, Lost World of Innocence, features three-dimensional pieces of painting and graffiti on layers of brickwork made up of cement, plaster, sand and paint. Donovan focuses on techniques used by street artists, as well as their outlooks and points of view. Her use of street signs and other identifiers such as telephone booths provides a recognizable connection to the urban landscape, forcing the viewer to take a more realistic view of the surroundings.

Artist: Miranda Donovan
+ mirandadonovan.com
+ lazinc.com

Lost World of Innocence runs at the Lazarides Gallery in London through May 30.

Trafalgar Square
Side views
Brick Lane


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