cover* versions - Day 7
by sabine7 / May 4, 2008
We end the week of Wallpaper* limited edition covers with work by Keiichi Tanaami, Nigel Robinson and Hedi Slimane from the cover*version show in Milan.

"Keiichi Tanaami’s cover offered a unique interpretation of Autumn/Winter 07’s print trend and featured his trademark goldfish. ‘I envisioned a huge tank of many goldfish, such as the pop-eyed goldfish I encountered as a child. The incoherent conversations I used to have with them still inspire me and I tried to recreate one of these scenes.’

When creating his cover, artist Nigel Robinson experienced the overwhelming demands of being an editor/creative director first-hand. ‘The challenges were to try to get a low-tech feel on the cover of a high-quality product. I think without the input of Wallpaper’s creative director, it wouldn’t have worked properly.’

When Hedi Slimane left Dior Homme last year, the fashion world lost a son, but the photography world gained one. The posters Slimane created for his guest editorship of Wallpaper* are part of an ongoing photography project. ‘Photography is really an organic process for me, systematic and repetitive. I document anything around me.’"

Artists: Keiichi Tanaami, Nigel Robinson and Hedi Slimane

Cover No. 089: Untitled, Nigel Robinson, June/July 2006


Cover No. 103: Glitter One, Hedi Slimane, October 2007

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