cover* versions - Day 6
by sabine7 / May 3, 2008

This cover by Larry Sultan was one of our favorites. Also after the jump are covers by Tom Friedman and Johanna Grawunder.

"Wallpaper* has a long-standing creative relationship with legendary US photographer Larry Sultan. This cover, shot as part of a mischievous men’s fashion shoot in the issue, is a reworking of his iconic Practicing Golf Swing – an affectionate, candid portrait of Larry’s father, Irving, from his celebrated Pictures from Home series from 1992.

Sculptor Tom Friedman had his larger-than-lifesized fly, made from clay, hair, dust and wire, stalk a tiny wooden figure along a wall. ‘I didn’t have a lot of time to think about this cover and decided on a manipulated photo of a piece I had just finished. I liked that it offered no information other than what it was, and posed questions as to why it was on the cover.’

If money were no object, we could well have produced our most extravagant cover yet. Says Grawunder, ‘I work with a lot of light, so I could have made a luminous cover. Trying to get a similar effect of luminosity, but with colour, was a challenge. I wanted to do something graphically strong using my work, but also make it mysterious and ambiguous.’ "

Artists: Larry Sultan, Tom Friedman and Johanna Grawunder

Cover No. 106: Monster Fly, Tom Friedman, January 2008


Cover No. 109: Superdelegate, Johanna Grawunder, April 2008

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