cover* versions - Day 2
by sabine7 / April 29, 2008
Today's covers come from Richard Patterson, Yuri Masnyj and Zaha Hadid.

"In addition to the pop culture references and Texan overtones, Dallas-based British painter Richard Patterson created a cover piece that also reflected his passion for architecture. ‘The interior was an idealised space I devised which reflected the sensual pleasure and shortcomings I felt were within modernism.’

American artist (and Whitney Biennial alumnus) Yuri Masnyj strikes the perfect balance between detail and abstraction. ‘By combining architectural, geometric and graphic forms and gestural mark making, I hoped to conjure up a feeling of anxiety. Something akin to standing below a big rock, teetering on a fragile edge.’

The design Zaha Hadid created was sketched freehand, then redrawn in Adobe Illustrator. ‘Sketching formed a critical part of my early career, and it continues to allow us our radical approach to architecture. The fluidity of the cover design embodies this exploration of complex curvelinearity, seamlessness and the smooth transition between elements.’"

Artists: Richard Patterson, Yuri Masnyj and Zaha Hadid

Cover No. 087: The Black Line, Yuri Masnyj, April 2006


Cover No. 088: Untitled, Zaha Hadid, May 2006

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