"The Boss"
by sabine7 / April 3, 2008
Although we know that many of Malcolm Bucknall’s subjects are half-human and half-animal, we cannot help but stare, not knowing whether to suppress a smile or accept that sneaky, uncomfortable feeling. It’s good and well for Bucknall to present creatures that are mostly human, save for the head, or a bird crowned with the head of a puppy dog, but we just cannot know what they are thinking. It is best to be polite and go along with it all, for we must admit that we cannot stop looking.

Artist: Malcolm Bucknall
+ dbermangallery.com

The Other Thing Is, an upcoming exhibition featuring Malcolm Bucknall’s work, opens April 10 at the d berman gallery in Austin and runs through May 17.

We Love Our Daddy Anyway
The Most Beautiful Day
Tricky Dicky Bird


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