by sabine7 / March 30, 2008
Squiggles is the latest giant colouring book by Taro Gomi, BUT, this is no ordinarily colouring book on flimsy newsprint. This thick book of about-to-happen art has lovely pages that will take just about any medium. The simplicity of the pictures cries out for embellishment, so the book turns into an art journal of sorts, and it includes instructions and suggestions for drawings as well. Squiggles is the type of book that is perfect for a meditative project or an activity where the adult and child sit side by side, each with his or her own book, engrossed in creativity for hours. It also makes a terrific interactive coffee table book if you leave out a box of markers, pencils and crayons beside it.

Paperback, 204 pages. Chronicle, 2007. $13.59 at Amazon.

+Squiggles at Amazon


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