"Untitled (Twins Walk)"
by sabine7 / February 25, 2008
Kiersten Essenpreis is a Brooklyn-based artist from the Midwest whose paintings and illustrations reflect a darker side of childhood, or the weird parts of dreams that linger, disconnected. The untitled piece above of twins walking down a hallway with some mysterious bundle is dark enough in itself, but when the curtains are somewhat like long brown hair, the plot thickens. This same hair is found in the untitled painting of a bathroom that looks as though it could be in the same house, and perhaps the library in Long Story Short is also nearby, where a girl reads undisturbed by the flames that threaten to consume the scene. Very haunting work where the clean lines serve to really imprint these moments on the viewer’s mind.

Artist: Kiersten Essenpreis
+ cindersgallery.com

Untitled (Bathroom)
Long Story Short


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