"Ole Brick Wall and Br'er Briar Bush"
by sabine7 / February 21, 2008
The quirk factor is high in Matthew Rodriguez’s mixed media works, a blend of street art and craftwork. Rodriguez uses a wide range of ingredients for his collages that are usually peopled with characters that may be hard to recognize but are at the same time endearing. Doll house bricks, feathers, bits of artificial Christmas tree, fake fur, fish tackle eyes and Styrofoam are just a few components of his work. One of our favorite pieces (not shown here, unfortunately) is the charmingly titled Gimme Yo Sweatpants, Acrylic on baking pan.

Artist: Matthew Rodriguez
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Silky Valentine and Huggy Bear Doing What He Calls the Pristine Pole Lean
A Boy Named Sue Was Written by Shel Silverstein


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