"The Lams of Ludlow Street"
by sabine7 / February 11, 2008
The Lams of Ludlow Street is a photo essay by Thomas Holton, who looks at a young Chinese immigrant couple and their first-generation American kids who live in a two-bedroom apartment in Manhattan’s Chinatown. Granted, the space is small, but when we look carefully at the pictures, through the clutter, we can see beyond the cliché of the immigrant family. We see the father with a microphone; there is a family snapshot of the Gates on display; a bunch of flowers sits in the bathtub. Holton spent so much time with the family that he became invisible within their space, a position that afforded him such visual access.

Artist: Thomas Lam
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The Lams of Ludlow Street opens on March 6 at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York and runs through May 1.




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