"Untitled (Priscilla in Vines)"
by sabine7 / January 22, 2008
Yigal Ozeri’s new oil paintings, in an exhibition entitled Genesis, focus on Priscilla, a young woman who is at one with the earth. These rich paintings are like tapestries of twigs, rock, water and vegetation left uncontrolled. Priscilla’s hair is related to the vines; the pools of water and the leaves of the trees are her resting places. She is as natural as the elements around her. Ozeri’s technical skill is evident in these paintings that can be mistaken for photographs.

Artist: Yigal Ozeri
+ mikeweissgallery.com

Genesis continues at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York through Feb. 23.

Untitled (Priscilla in water)
Untitled (Priscilla in ecstasy)


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