Paint A'Licious: The Pain-Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions
by sabine7 / January 27, 2008
Paint A 'Licious: The Pain-Free Way to Achieving Your Naked Ambitions by Joanne Gair is about her specialty: body-painting. Unlike Body Painting: Masterpieces by Joanne Gair, this book focuses more on the fun of hiding or camouflaging painted bodies into elaborate scenes. A child blends into the Christmas scenery as he waits for Santa’s arrival; a woman doing aerobics has a paint job that makes her appear slimmer; an older woman “does” ballet moves while her painted partner, blending into the curtains, holds her up. Gair has taken a lot of time to create the scenarios, paint the bodies and then offer details regarding the shoot. This is a lighthearted coffee table book that begs the question, “when is nudity not nudity?” and that allows Gair to use the body, yet again, as a canvas, and to have fun doing so at the same time.

Hardcover, 128 pages. Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2005. $13.57 at Amazon.

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