"Brown Paper Bag"
by sabine7 / January 7, 2008
At first glance the work of Pablo Guardiola could be construed as still life photography. But a second glance reveals the deeper meaning and Guardiola’s worth as a conceptual artist. The grease stains on the ordinary brown paper bag are a dead giveaway for the fast food it contains. But the stains have taken on the form of a world map and the mind leaps from fast food nation to the multinationals that dominate the globe. An old white bucket sits forlorn, but this is actually a red one that has taken three years to record the light, the very act of photography. A postcard on a fence that blocks out the view of the here and now speaks of boundaries, while the gap between fence boards acts as a portal to what lies beyond.

Artist: Pablo Guardiola
+ littletreegallery.com

Pablo Guardiola opens at the Little Tree Gallery in San Francisco on Jan. 12 and runs through Feb. 16.

Sunset in a Bucket
Postcard on the Fence


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