by sabine7 / January 9, 2008
There is a lot more to Danish artist Peter Land than this working water fountain with water flowing through the mouth of a young girl. It is almost hard to believe this same artist was known for strip dancing videos and performance art. It is work like this that makes us wonder how much back story or careful examination of an artist’s oeuvre is necessary for the enjoyment of a single piece. But then we conclude, as we usually do, that it is the moment that counts, for it is the moment that will take us further forward or back deeper. Snapshot, the fountain we saw at Art Basel Miami Beach was effective in the moment for it made us do that double take: was that a little girl balanced on the rocks? Or was it the background of Land’s paintings that pulled us in more closely? So the moment was really a snapshot: an introduction to a whole lot more.

Artist: Peter Land
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Snapshot - detail
Playground - detail


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