Art Basel Miami Beach 2007 - Blurred
by sabine7 / January 3, 2008
There was so much to see at Art Basel that, by the end, our vision had blurred. Kay Rosen's wall installation, however, was clever and catchy, the type of piece that really stood out. As did an arrangement of 11 Rotraut wall sculptures, smaller than some of her other work and of aluminum instead of the thicker plastic (and with a red sold sticker beside it, one might add). A careful of installation of kernels of corn made up the Corn House by Lucía Madriz and keeping on the crop them, there was a floor of potatoes that powered the camera used by Tue Greenfort to take a photo of the sun. Sadly, the camera had been stolen from the convention center just hours before we arrived at the installation.
Rotraut's 11 aluminum wall sculptures: Fencing, Lion, Dragon, Sara, Sea Woman, Shark, Angel, Quail, Hawk, Butterfly and Ische
Lucía Madriz's Corn House
Potatoes used to produce energy to taken Tue Greenfort's Picture of the Sun.

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