Art Basel Miami Beach 2007 - Big Baby
by sabine7 / December 26, 2007
Art Basel Miami Beach was big, buzzing and the place to run into fave Art MoCo artists, as well as discover the works of artists who will become faves. We took a few snaps of sculptures and installations (it's just not fair to get snap happy with paintings or photos), which we'll be sharing over the holidays. Today we have Big Baby by Richard Jackson and some work by Yoshitomo Nara and a Trashstone by Wilhelm Mundt. Sure Art Basel has its detractors, but seeing SO MUCH great contemporary art in one place is exciting, not to mention convenient. The Puff Marshie (after the jump) is the piece that lured the camera out.
Yoshitomo Nara - Puff Marshie/Hirosaki Version
Wilhelm Mundt - Trashstone 387

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