"Andy Dandy"
by sabine7 / December 13, 2007
Andy Dandy is a series of photo collaborations between Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg who have taken on the identity of the Hilton Brothers for this endeavour. Andy Dandy combines the Warhol portraits by Makos with Solberg’s flower portraiture for an eerie, yet fresh, look at an icon of modern art. The flowers further feminize the figure of Warhol in his wigs, and their colour contrasts with the black and white. We question what is real, what is past and what our interpretation means to us. Andy Dandy is a fabulous homage to a pop master.

Artists: The Hilton Brothers
+ thehiltonbrothers.com

Andy Dandy continues at the Kartell flagship store in Miami through January 4.


1 One


10 Ten


11 Eleven


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