"It's a Beautiful World"
by sabine7 / December 5, 2007
The Scion Installation 4 is an art tour representing the work of a variety of contemporary artists like Jeff Soto, Blek Le Rat, Caia Koopman (see above), Dalek, Sage Vaughn among others. The tour, is in its fourth year, and this year’s theme is “It’s a Beautiful World”. Featured will be works of painting, photography, collage and sculpture. There are nine tour stops and when the Installation Tour 4 ends up at the final stop in Los Angeles, all the works will be auctioned with the proceeds going to charity. The Miami stop, mid-way through the tour, during this week’s Art Basel, will feature six balloons, 8-ft in diameter, custom-designed for the event by six of this year’s artists. Also featured will be three custom-designed Scion art cars. The tour hits the Raleigh Hotel in Miami on Thursday, December 7.

Artists: various
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Jeff Soto
Blek Le Rat


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