Around the World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums
by sabine7 / December 9, 2007
Around the World: The Grand Tour in Photo Albums is a compilation of ephemera taken by Barbara Levine and Kirsten Jensen from a selection of photo albums from the early twentieth century. Postcards, photographs, maps and a few diary entries give us a glimpse of what travel could have been like when the middle classes first embarked upon such adventures. This book evokes a sense of elegance that was once related to travel and is very elegantly put together as well. There are old photos from places like Venice, Hawaii, Siam, the Sahara, Pilatus and Yokohama, lovely for travelers today. It is a romantic book best enjoyed curled up on a Sunday afternoon with a pot of tea and time for dreaming.

Hardcover, 208 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2007. $34.65 at Amazon.

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