"Vista Aerea de la Ciudad de Mexico XIII, 2006"
by sabine7 / December 6, 2007
Pablo Lopez’s Terrazo series is a collection of 40x40 inch photographs of Mexico City and the surrounding area. These aerial views create abstraction of the topography, urban geography and environmental blight. By using this distance afforded by the aerial nature of the photography, Lopez gives us a bigger picture of the relationship between humans and their environment. Any of the usual ideas about the politics and socioeconomics of this huge city are put aside as we step back and look at Mexico City from a different perspective.

Artist: Pablo Lopez
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Terrazo: Views of Mexico City runs through January 5 at the Sasha Wolf Gallery in New York.

Libramiento Mexico - Cuernavaca, 2007
Tecamachalco I, Ciudad de Mexico, 2006


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