"Watermill Center Benefit Gala 2007 (Teacup Pug)"
by sabine7 / November 23, 2007
Jessica Craig-Martin’s photographs are large, glossy shots of the action at society dos, galas and benefits. Craig-Martin doesn’t feed us up the paparazzi standards of close-ups or designer frontals, preferring instead to zoom in on the accessories and details that sum up the whole story. The proverbial thousand words are more than adequately covered by the pug that wears a teacup, the footwear of realtors, the expectant pink satin roses or the remaining cocktail wiener. Biting commentary without saying a word.

Artist: Jessica Craig-Martin
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Real Estate Brokers, Southampton 2007 (Peace/Cannabis Loafers)


Watermill Center Benefit Gala 2007 (Showing Pink)


Cancer Benefit, Southampton 2006 (Brooks Brothers Weiner)


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