"The Orchard at Night"
by sabine7 / November 12, 2007
Paloma Muñoz and Walter Martin are known for the bleak snow globes that house underdressed travelers trapped within. These travelers are stuck in scenes that leave us wondering how they got there and what will become of them. We wonder how long their wits and resources will hold out as they are faced with extreme weather conditions and loneliness. At the time, the setting cannot help but lend a mystical quality to the proceedings, so a sort of surrealism settles over the scenes.

Artist: Paloma Muñoz and Walter Martin
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The latest exhibition by Paloma Muñoz and Walter Martin, Secrets Sleep in Winter Clothes, runs Mario Mauroner Contemporary Art Vienna from Nov. 15 through Dec.1.

The Great Frozen Lake
Traveler 222 Snow Globe
Traveler 203 Snow Globe
Traveler 223 Snow Globe


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