Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders' Art
by sabine7 / November 11, 2007
Concrete 2 Canvas: More Skateboarders’ Art by Jo Waterhouse is the second book of skater art by the same author. Obviously skater art is no longer limited to the board, nor does it remain there. Waterhouse was a devoted boarder and artist until Crohn’s disease made these pursuits too difficult. Both volumes focus on the art created by skateboarders and covers fine art, installations, doodles, illustration, street art and graphic design. The book is easy to peruse, not too “busy”, with bios of over 25 artists along with a sampling of their work, which varies enormously.

Paperback, 128 pages. Laurence King 2007. $13.57 at Amazon.

Concrete 2 Canvas at Amazon

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