The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings
by sabine7 / November 4, 2007
The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings by photographer KayLynn Deveney is exactly that: a simple look at glimpses into the world of an old man in Wales living on his own. The book is not much more than a collection of photographs that Albert captioned for KayLynn in his scratchy, old person script, and it is precisely this that makes it a gem. It is a visual history of the quotidian, a book to sit quietly with, a book that opens onto reflection. It is very moving, perhaps because it imparts a sense of peace, or maybe because we so easily recognize people that we know, or have met, or seen from a distance. Albert Hastings reminds us of how human we are, and Kaylynn Deveney shows us our moments. The sort of book that you keep for yourself, and buy as gifts.

Hardcover, 116 pages. Princeton Architectural Press, 2007. $13.57 at Amazon.

+ The Day-to-Day Life of Albert Hastings at Amazon

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