"Cameo Appearance"
by sabine7 / October 1, 2007
Anne Faith Nicholls has some new work available and viewers are treated to more of her intricate layering of narrative. The typewriter anchors Cameo Appearance, but then it is the pair of legs kicking out from the gramophone, waving squid-like, that pulls the gaze. The features of woman’s face in Flood Relief make the whole painting; strong jaw, defined nose, full lips and the sadness in the violet eyes. Lady Lade is another strong painting, with power and energy exuded through the horse rearing up, the stars and the waves of light. Nicholls’ latest pieces are exciting and compelling examples of her work.

Artist: Anne Faith Nicholls
+ annefaithnicholls.com

Anne Faith Nicholls is showing at the Applegate Gallery in Santa Monica through October 20.

Flood Relief
Lady Lade


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