"Untitled Silver 4"
by sabine7 / September 21, 2007
Caitlin Masley’s recent series of drawings in ink, acrylic and graphite can be seen as detailed abstractions or perhaps as detailed maps where each and every building has been carefully accounted for, at least in spirit. The blank spaces are the waterways, all with such jagged shorelines, built up to the very edge, and the tiny spaces in between the greys and black the linking passageways. Some of these works are quite sizeable and one cannot help but wonder what thoughts flowed through the artist’s mind as she toiled.

Artist: Caitlin Masley
+ caitlinmasley.com

Caitlin Masley will be exhibiting at the Soap Factory in Minneapolis through October 21.

Untitled Silver 6
Untitled Silver 7


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